WISE-PaaS Marketplace物联网软件商城


Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  1. What is the WISE-PaaS Marketplace, and how do I benefit?

    The WISE-PaaS Marketplace is an online IoT software store that features Advantech’s exclusive software services, including IoT cloud services, IoT security services, and pre-packaged solution packages. These enable customers to deploy IoT applications quickly and easily within a collaborative software ecosystem that aids service innovations and business growth.

  2. What is WISE-PaaS Alliance, and how does one join?

    WISE-PaaS Alliance is a partnership program hosted by Advantech to provide IoT Solutions. Members benefit greatly in their IoT application development by using software developed by Advantech or its strategy partners. Customers can join the VIP member program by paying 20K USD and getting 2K WISE-Points. WISE-Points can be used to purchase software, technical support, or co-marketing events.

  3. What are WISE-Points, and how are they used?

    WISE-Points represent virtual currency used by members of the WISE-PaaS Alliance to purchase software in the Marketplace.

    1 WISE-Point = 10 USD.

  4. Can you give an example of a Marketplace purchase?

    There are two ways to purchase IoT software products in the Marketplace: by Redemption and by Subscription.
    1. Redemption: A one-time perpetual license purchased by WISE-Points.
    2. Subscription: A monthly lease that is activated starting from when you used WISE-Points to subscribe.

    Customers can refer to the WISE-PaaS Marketplace video to get an overview of the ordering flow.

Software Services

  1. What is the difference between Standard, Advanced, and Premier in IoT Cloud Service, specifically with regard to Microsoft Azure?

    This differs depending on how many devices you want connected, and each package has its own Azure VM computing power and storage. Specifically, Standard- 1 Core, 1.75GB RAM, 70GB Storage Advanced- 4 Cores, 7GB RAM, 285GB Storage Premier- 8 Cores, 14GB RAM, 605GB Storage

  2. I need to make a purchasing decision. Do you have a datasheet or white paper that gives more details about these services?

    For any of the software packages on the Marketplace, just go to the “Services Details” tab, then click on “Learn More”.

  3. Why should I choose a data center, and why do I get asked this in the subscription process?

    Choosing a data center location near your service area will help shorten cloud response time. Having a data center location is part of enabling your Microsoft Azure services once you have the CSP account from Advantech.

  4. Where can I get more information on software product restrictions regarding WebAccess/VCM, WebAccess/NMS, and WebAccess/IMM?

    For details on software licensing policies, regulations, and hardware dependency, please contact your local sales team.

Pricing and Billing

  1. How do I pay for these subscriptions and where can I view my account and billing information?

    Subscriptions are paid with WISE-Points, which are the virtual currency used by members of WISE-PaaS Alliance to purchase software in Marketplace.

    1 WISE-Point = 10 USD.

    Please log in and choose “point” on the upper right to get into “My Account” and manage your subscription and check your billing history.

  2. How can I buy more WISE-Points?

    You can contact your regional salesperson, or click the “Buy more points” button under “My Account”, or leave a message with “Contact sales” on the same page.

  3. How do I discountinue Azure monthly software service on the WISE-PaaS Marketplace?

    Please log in and choose ”point” on the upper right; go to “My Account” for subscription management, click ”stop” to suspend a specific subscription.