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Edge computing acts on data at its source: - Manage the distribution of software at massive scale - Streamline administration and management overhead - Reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) Field of play: Process and Machine Analytics and Integration. Transform raw machine data into actionable information is one of the user end goals, together with use of local intelligence to understand and optimize machine and process behavior, analyze machine data in real-time for faster insights and corrective action and simplify machine analytics and integration.


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    All-in-one functionality

    All-in-one functionality for collecting and processing streaming data gives full flexibility for different use cases

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    Low-code drag’n drop development for faster innovation without the need for software developers

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    Use a library of pre-built functionality modules and connectors

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    Interactive debugging tools to verify your streaming pipelines before deployment

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    Save your flows as FlowApps - templates to reuse

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    Build a flow from scratch in minutes or re-use existing flows in seconds

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Validated platforms ECU-1251T:Entry, Up to 10 acquisition tags. UNO-2372G:Value, Up to 50 acquisition tags. UNO-2484G:High, Up to 1.000 acquisition tags. Minumum requirements: Core Processor:64-bit x86 or 32/64 bit ARM (arm64 and armhf architectures) RAM:100MB free (in addition to OS and Docker requirements) Disk Space:100MB free (in addition to OS and Docker requirements) Ports:Ethernet Recommended:Your device should meet these requirements for the best experoence. Core Processor:64-bit x86 or 64 bit ARM (arm64 and armhf architectures) RAM:500MB free (in addition to OS and Docker requirements) Disk Space:500MB free (in addition to OS and Docker requirements) Ports:Ethernet

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