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WISE-Marketplace is the destination for all your software needs. You can find end-to-end solutions, industrials apps, consulting sercices, marketing packages, as well as microservices (software modules) for developing your own solutions. Tell us about your app or service offer and our onboarding team will guide you through next steps.

Why publish in WISE-Marketplace?

Advantech WISE-Marketplace surfaces your industrial app or service in the most applicable location based on the target audience. Publishing in our commercial marketplace gives you access to joint go-to-market activities with Advantech and helps organizations find, try, buy, and deploy your app or service.

Expand to new markets

Take advantage of Advantech WISE-Marketplace and go-to-market services to reach thousands of customers looking for apps and services and generate new sales opportunities.

Enhance your business value

Co-marketing and co-selling will leverage partners' business value by getting a deep understanding of customer insights. Optimizing sales cycles and project effectiveness, as well as increasing deal profitability.

Gain the domain know-how

Gaining the domain know-how by acquiring customer insights here, you can keep optimizing your products, solutions, and services in a precise way.

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