Intelligent Quality Management

Digitalize quality inspections to optimize operations

Intelligent Quality Management

Streamline Quality Inspections with Digital Auditing

  • - Optimize inspection process workflows.
  • - Event recordings and tracking.
  • - Quality report and analysis.
  • - Remote inspection with surveillance system integration.
  • - Ensures quality control with IoT sensors.

Quality Management Applications

Quality Management Applications
iService/ Inspection

iService/ Inspection

iService/ Inspectionn is a user-friendly software solution for conducting quality control inspections and operations auditing. With this software, users can create checklists, set notification alerts, log and monitor operational status, and collect data for analysis and performance optimization.


Quality Management Key Features

  • Create custom checklists

    Create custom checklists

    Design custom checklist tailored to your specific business needs.

  • Accelerate inspections with digital auditing

    Accelerate inspections with digital auditing

    Streamline inspection workflows and increase efficiency by conducting digital audits via a mobile app or web management interface.

  • On-site and remote inspection

    On-site and remote inspection

    Inspections can be conducted both on-site and remotely with the inclusion of integrated surveillance systems.

  • Generate regular inspection reports

    Generate regular inspection reports

    Collected data can be easily visualized to generate regular inspection reports for analysis and business insights.

  • Flexible performance scoring methods

    Flexible performance scoring methods

    Offers three scoring methods: Basic: pass/fail; Simple: uses a 1-10 range for scoring; Advanced: the deduction mechanism can be customized.


Quality Management Architecture

Quality Management Architecture

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