Interactive Digital Signage

Broadcast to multiple devices with a single click

Interactive digital signage

Boost Engagement with Interactive Digital Signage

  • - Interactive content design.
  • - Schedule content dispatch and broadcasting.
  • - Dashboards integrated with IoT data.
  • - Analyze signage KPIs to optimize performance.

Digital Signage Applications

Digital Signage Applications
iService/ SignageCMS

iService/ SignageCMS

iService/ SignageCMS is an intuitive and flexible solution for integrated information content design and display management. This solution is designed to optimize content distribution by providing a cost-effective solution for media broadcasting management. It enables users to schedule content remotely from any place, any time- then dispatches it to multiple client devices simultaneously.


Digital Signage Key Features

  • Supports any display type

    Supports any display type

    iService/ SignageCMS supports all display types including televisions, all-in-one computers, and self-service kiosks.

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface

    Intuitive drag-and-drop interface

    The user-friendly interface is simple and easy to navigate without specific training or usage instructions, ensuring convenient operation.

  • Wide range of widgets and multimedia

    Wide range of widgets and multimedia

    Supports 30+ multimedia formats and a wide range of optional widgets, including a clock, ticker, and third-party applications such as YouTube.

  • Mobile app for remote access

    Mobile app for remote access

    iService/ SignageCMS supports app control. Users can adjust the program contents broadcast in real time to change the information.

  • Precision marketing with intelligent analysis

    Precision marketing with intelligent analysis

    Integrated cameras, facial recognition sensors, and RFID technology enables precision marketing with targeted advertisements according to demographic.

  • Interactive functions increase engagement

    Interactive functions increase engagement

    Interactive functions can be deployed to enhance the customer experience and boost engagement.


Interactive Digital Signage Architecture

Interactive Digital Signage Architecture

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