Energy & Environment

Energy & Environment

Intelligent Energy Management Solution

Advantech's iEMS intelligent energy management solution uses digital professional integration technology to provide functional solutions — including, HVAC energy efficiency management, air compressor energy efficiency management, carbon asset management, and energy consumption monitoring and management.


  • Integrate data sources

    Integrate data sources

    • Easy access to the edge
    • Support a variety of communication protocols
    • Data batch import
  • One-stop energy management solution

    One-stop energy management solution

    • Low-code management tools
    • Standard template access presentation
    • Custom report output
  • Cross-program integration

    Cross-program integration

    • Multivariate Data Analysis Management
    • API tandem system
    • Device management and early warning diagnosis

Solution I.App

  • iEMS/HVAC(HVAC Energy Efficiency Management)

    iEMS/HVAC(HVAC Energy Efficiency Management)

    • Leveraging whole process intelligent management and control saves energy and reduces consumption.
  • iEMS.ECOWatch(Energy Management)

    iEMS.ECOWatch(Energy Management)

    • It primarily monitors, compares, and manages both the demand and apportionment of water, electricity, and gas. Indeed, it helps enterprises complete their digital transformation — resulting in energy conservation and emission reduction.

Intelligent Energy Management Focused Industries

  • Smart Factory Energy Management

    Provide a full range of energy management services for factory management.

  • Integrated energy management of smart parks

    Provide a wide range of park energy management services for the management of the whole district.

  • Power Industry Energy Management

    Provide energy management services created by power industry partners.

  • Energy Management of Food and Beverage Retail Stores

    Store energy management services for catering retail stores.


Water 4.0 : Water Management Digitalization

We provide the solutions enabled by IoT and Al, optimizing plant operation, streamlining facilities maintenance, and reducing the operational costs, for industrial wastewater treatment plants, domestic sewage treatment plants, drinking water systems, desalination plants, etc.


  • Boost Digital Transformation

    Boost Digital Transformation

    • Based on IoT technology and data analysis, the solution gives the optimal and smart management model to water utilities.
  • Enhance Water Efficiency

    Enhance Water Efficiency

    • Visualization of water use reduces the impact of water shortage and optimizes water management.
  • Improve O&M

    Improve O&M

    • AI prediction model in combination with industrial knowledge helps reduce O&M cost and increase efficiency.
  • Devise Risk Mitigation Strategy

    Devise Risk Mitigation Strategy

    • Improve risk assessment skills and decision quality by upgrading data quality and implementing AI models.

Solution I.App

  • Water Facility Management (IWS-WFM)

    Water Facility Management (IWS-WFM)

    • Analysis of facility availability
    • Power consumption visualization
    • Maintenance management
  • Water Quality Monitoring (IWS-WQM)

    Water Quality Monitoring (IWS-WQM)

    • Water quality management
    • Analysis of quality and disconnect alarms
    • Sensor and network management

Water Management Digitalization Focused Industries

  • Domestic Sewage Treatment Plants

    Meet sewage purification process to achieve the goals of auto warning, energy saving, and equipment longevity

  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants

    Optimize water treatment process, reduce operational costs and enhance plant efficiency

  • Water Distribution System

    Detect pipeline leakage incidents to reduce water waste and stabilize water supply network

  • Aquaculture

    Monitoring of water quality and early-warning of risks optimize farming processes

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