Blockchain Notarius®


Blockchain Notarius® is a blockchain-based application for the simple registration of digital property ownership. It is installed on every node of the ElA blockchain network. The Blockchain Notarius® application provides the service of registration of data files on the blockchain (save file hash), and the service of verification of whether a submitted copy of a file is identical to the registered original of a file (verification of presence of an identical hash in the blockchain). It is possible to register any type of digital file: digital photos, audio files, videoclips, etc. Even binary files created by machine, such as the data log files of technical equipment, or records of communication among machines, can be registered.


  • 01

    Based on an independent blockchain network; the list of node owners is public

  • 02

    Technology of Hyperledger Fabric used

  • 03

    Open membership of node owner community for trustworthy corporate bodies

  • 04

    Can replace public notary services in many cases

  • 05

    Suitable for cooperation between subjects operating in different cultures and legal systems

  • 06

    Selectable level of anonymity of user and file metadata

Product Update

Blockchain Notarius 1.2.0, Notarius Admin 1.2.0
Release Date
Approximate Size
Language Supported
English (US), 繁體中文
System Requirements
Server:Debian 10 64-bit ore Processor RAM:2 GB Disk Space:50 GB Ports:7050, 8050, 9050, 7051, 8051, 443, 80, 3000

Additional Information

Published by
ELA Blockchain Services a.s.
Registered trademark and logo Blockchain Notarius®

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