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IoT deployment and management involves hundreds of thousands of devices spread out over multiple sites. It is essential to monitor, track, and manage connected industrial IoT devices so it’s important to ensure these devices work properly and securely after they have been deployed - without the need for multiple site visits. Furthermore, you need secure access to your devices in order to monitor, detect, and manage, as well as be able to remotely make time-critical actions. With Edge365/ DeviceOn easy-to-use interface, you can monitor the health status of each device, take real-time actions such as power on/off, troubleshoot problems, and send software and firmware updates over-the-air (OTA).


  • 01

    Secure and zero-touch device onboarding at scale.

  • 02

    Visualize operations and maintenance with dashboard.

  • 03

    Create alerts and real-time actions based on device data and predictive analytics.

  • 04

    Device firmware/software update over-the-air (OTA).

  • 05

    Support Advantech and 3rd-party devices.

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