Industrial IoT-based PHM solution, revolutionizing machine health monitoring with real-time analytics and predictive maintenance. Boost efficiency, minimize downtime, and optimize productivity.



Advantech's Prognostics and Health Management product utilize Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) technology to monitor machine health conditions comprehensively. This Service Ready Platform (SRP) focuses on rotating machinery, such as motors, pumps, decelerators, compressors, and blowers. It is a comprehensive system for industrial applications that integrates software and hardware based on pre-trained machine diagnosis AI models. After installing wireless sensors on-site and collecting data for 1 to 2 weeks, the AI model can quickly be constructed to sense and issue accurate pre-warnings when machines degrade below a set standard. By providing both detected and predicted machine health conditions, we enable our users to implement proactive maintenance solutions.


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    Effective maintenance of rotating machines

    PHM-based monitoring and fault diagnosis offer an effective method to manage the maintenance of rotating machines.

  • 02

    Early detection of potential device failures is possible

    Early identification of potential device failures allows for timely notifications to machine service providers.

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    Easy implementation

    The AI model can provide detected and predicted machine status within two weeks after sensor implementation, avoiding the need for long periods of data collection.


  • Application Diagram

    Data acquisition, data analysis and AI inference

  • Machine Health Monitoring

    Real-time machine health monitoring in Dashboard

Product Update

Release Date
What's new in this release?
- Device data management - AI model management: RUL detect, RUL predict - Abnormal notification - Machine status visualization
Approximate Size
289 MB
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English (United States)
System Requirements
- CPU: Core i5 - MEM: 16GB - HDD: 500GB - OS: Win10 pro LTSC 2019

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