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Advantech power management solution starts from the needs of customers' power supply side and power consumption side, and monitor all aspects of source, storage and charge in real time. In the power supply link, the scheme can monitor and control a large number of distributed energy resources in real time, and can accurately grasp the equipment status and operation status of distributed power generation in a timely manner. In the power consumption link, on the one hand, through the real-time monitoring and analysis of the power distribution network, it can quickly locate the location of the power outage, identify the cause of the power outage, and improve the response degree of the accident


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    Real-time monitoring

    24-hour uninterrupted monitoring of power data, once there is a data abnormality, you can get real-time early warning or alarm, fully realize unattended or less manned.

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    Accident warning

    It can pre-alarm potential accidents, support custom alarm rules and diversified alarm notifications, and facilitate timely handling to avoid accidents or hidden dangers.

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    Electricity management

    Provide functions such as power quality analysis, load analysis, power report, energy consumption query, etc., analyze the power consumption status in multiple dimensions, help customers optimize the load and ensure the safety of equipment electricity.

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    Green energy monitoring

    Monitor the operating parameters of photovoltaic, wind power and energy storage in real time, dig deep into the complementary characteristics of different energy sources and loads based on the electricity consumption behavior of enterprises, and provide technical support for management decisions such as end-user operation and energy saving.

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    Device O/M

    Based on the system equipment operation records and operation conditions, the equipment operation and maintenance plan is formulated on demand to reduce operation and maintenance costs.


  • Real-time monitoring

    Real-time monitoring of equipment status and power parameters in the distribution system

  • Green energy monitoring

    Support wind power, solar power and storage integrated monitoring function

  • Power quality analysis

    Continuous monitoring of power quality in critical inlet and outlet circuits

  • Historical trends

    Power parameters historical trend query, support multiple parameters displayed at the same time

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