iEMS/ ECOEnterprise

The system comprehensively collects the operating parameters, and gives the corresponding optimization strategy, to achieve energy saving effects.

iEMS/ ECOEnterprise


iEMS/ECOEnterprise is made for monitoring enterprise energy saving and decarbonization report.


  • 01

    Global insight

  • 02

    RE100 roadmap

  • 03

    Site emissions overview

  • 04

    Decarbonization and cost management

  • 05

    Site ECOWatch


  • Global insight

    Environmental sustainability indicators valued by External – Investors and ratings Internal – Manage

  • RE100 roadmap

    To facilitate their responses to the international RE100 initiative, enterprise users can review the

  • Site emissions overview

    Present total carbon emissions from energy consumption, direct emissions and energy indirect emissio

  • Decarbonization

    Enterprise users can review the group or region's key information of the reporting year

  • Site ECOWatch

    Present the major energy use and proportion of all sites

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