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What is WISE-Marketplace?

WISE-Marketplace is an open platform originated from Advantech, a world-class leading brand in IoT intelligent systems, that makes shop-floor simple, scalable and manageable.

We've dedicated to selecting ready-to-go applications, software & devices delivery to customizing your digital transformation demands on disciplines of Internet-of-Things, Networked-Devices, Data Analytics, AI applications & intelligent operations. You can explore our products and services via requesting for demonstrations, making purchases, and deploying them on your operational systems.

To empower clients' success, WISE-Marketplace has strengthened our alliance with diverse Domain-focused-System-Integrators (DFSIs) and business partnerships with Technology Service Providers (TSPs) for co-creating a prosperous industrial eco-system.

Key Features of WISE-Marketplace

  • Transparency

    Transparent Pricing

    Barrier-less and friendly pricing models with flexible payment methods to meet the needs of a wide variety of users.

  • CompleteModule

    Complete Modules

    Full-range of AIoT modules with transparent information to evaluate.

  • ShortenDevelop

    Shorten Development

    Leverage Advantech and our partner's toolkits, no need to develop from scratch.

  • EarnProfit

    Increase Revenue

    Domain know-how involvement to optimize solutions and increase revenue.

  • ProfessionSupport

    Support Mechanism

    Fully support from payment, delivery, deployment, technical training, and more.

  • EcologicalSystem

    Co-create Ecosystem

    Become our partners to get the best benefits and leverage Advantech ecosystem.

Want to learn more?

  • Training
    Training and Certification

    Expand your knowledge of the IoT with Advantech technical video content authored by industry leaders and experts on key-topics.

  • MarketingResources
    Marketing Resources

    Learn more about the IoT world and materials we provide for you to leverage.

  • SupportHub
    Support Hub

    Know more about professional guidance and assistance we provide helping you achieve your desired business outcomes.

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