About WISE-Marketplace Membership

The WISE-Marketplace alliance enables extraordinary digital transformations across a variety of application scenarios to complete your AIoT value chain. We welcome you to join with us.

Become a Member and Kick-Start Your AIoT Solution!

Why Advantech WISE-Marketplace?

The global industrial AIoT market is expected to continue growing at high speed so Advantech created WISE-Marketplace to be your one-stop AIoT industrial apps marketplace. We offer a wide range of modules from domain-specific apps, common scenario apps, to training and consulting services, and by leveraging Advantech's capacities as a global leading industrial business brand you get the chance to really kick-start your AIoT solutions.

Complete Modules

Full-range of AIoT modules with transparent information to evaluate.

Shorten Development

Leverage Advantech and our partner’s toolkits, don't need to develop from scratch.

Increase Revenue

Domain know-how involvement to optimize solutions and increase revenue.

Support Mechanism

Fully support from payment, delivery, deployment, technical training, and more.

Authorized Reseller

Become our authorized reseller to get the best prices and leverage Advantech's ecosystem.

Explore WISE-Marketplace Membership Plan

Why WISE-Marketplace Membership?

Advantech WISE-Marketplace offers an incredible membership plan for you to realize all your AIoT solutions. Take advantage of our exclusive member benefits including an enhanced membership offering and other special deals that fulfill a wide-range of applied business scenarios. Advantech WISE-Marketplace offers an improved membership program launching this July 1st 2021. Our new one-stop service includes more targeted solution packages and exclusive membership benefits that now include diverse I.App global distribution partnership options, as well as extended dedicated consulting services. The improved membership program will require 3,000 WISE Points to join after official launch. To find out more, please contact us.

Membership Plan


USD 1,800
2-Year Plan


USD 34,000
2-Year Plan


USD 64,000
2-Year Plan
WISE Points 100 2000 4000
App Discount
Cloud Services Authorized Reseller
Technical Support Advantech Online Training and Certification
  • Advantech Online Training and Certification
  • 20-Hour Cloud AIoT Infrastructure Consultation
  • Advantech Online Training and Certification
  • 20-Hour Cloud AIoT Infrastructure Consultation
  • 8-Hour Exclusive Technical Training Course
Business Consultation 8 hours 24 hours
Marketing Service 1 unit 3 units

Note: Please note that non-members of WISE-Marketplace can only purchase by cash. Welcome to join our membership!

What is WISE Points?

WISE Points are used for redeeming software solutions, subscribing to cloud services and I.Apps, and consulting services delivered by Advantech or its partners. WISE Points is a currency to customers can redeem or subscribe software and services from Advantech WISE-Marketplace and are valid for 2 years from the effective date. You can pay by credit cards, or depending on the location of your business.

1 WISE Points = 18 USD

US Dollar Exchange Rates Table

Currency 18.00 USD
Last updated time:

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