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Discovering More IoT Software Services

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  • Co-Creating IoT Business Success with Advantech WISE-PaaS


    Advantech’s WISE-PaaS Industrial IoT cloud platform provides edge-to-cloud software and services to system integrator and manufacturers, enabling real IoT powered cloud business models in various vertical markets.

  • Edge-to-cloud Total Solution and Professional Consulting Services Helps Steel Factory Implement Equipment Monitoring and Diagnosis Cloud Platform

    Case Study04/11/2018

    With the help of Advantech, a world-renowned steel corporation in Taiwan successfully built an equipment monitoring and diagnosis cloud platform system on WISE-PaaS private cloud that provided defective equipment detection, preventive maintenance, signal stream displays, alert broadcasts, and many other useful functions.

  • Advantech’s E&E M2I SRP provides a seamless edge-to-cloud integration solution for heavy electrical equipment

    Case Study01/11/2018

    Advantech E&E M2I is an application-ready solution integrating both software and hardware. By enabling the easy configuration of required functions, users can complete the equipment networking and remote management in a short time.

  • Advantech helps customer quickly build energy management system

    Case Study01/11/2018

    Advantech’s EMS solution is an energy management platform that has been developed following years of practical experience in the field. In addition to being ready-to-use and capable of fulfilling the basic needs of users, it has been designed to eliminate compatibility issues between software and hardware.

  • Advantech WebAccess, Industrial IoT Application Software Platform


    Advantech’s WebAccess/SCADA is a 100% Web-based SCADA software solution/IIoT platform with open interfaces for developing IoT applications for various vertical markets. With flexible data analysis tools in Dashboard 2.0 and a new app for iOS and Android platforms, WebAccess/SCADA allows you to manage your applications from any location.

  • CYAN Intelligent Utilizes WebAccess/SCADA to Build a Data Acquisition and Remote Management Platform for a Wafer Probing Factory

    Case Study12/06/2017

    As system integrator, SCADA technology expert, and VIP member of Advantech’s WISE-PaaS Alliance, CYAN Intelligent adopted SCADA software to develop a data acquisition and remote management system to fully grasp the production process for a wafer probing factory in Taiwan.

  • CYAN Intelligent makes good use of WebAccess/SCADA solution to optimize the PCB baking operation for the electronic factory

    Case Study12/05/2017

    As a VIP member of Advantech’s WISE-PaaS Alliance, CYAN Intelligent has utilized Advantech‘s WebAccess/SCADA IoT platform and related hardware products to successfully integrate the equipment layer and IT management layer of a PCB manufacturing factory

  • 2017 WebAccess/CNC Leaflet


    Advantech WebAccess/CNC is a core software solution for networking CNC machines. Leveraging the 100% web-based architecture of the WebAccess/SCADA platform, WebAccess/CNC provides not only crucial CNC networking functions, but also the benefits of SCADA software for CNC machining.

  • The Power of Data - Cutting-Edge Asset Management Solutions for Maximized Efficiency

    Case Study09/02/2017

    Advantech's WebAccess/SCADA technology optimizes production line efficiency through seamless data acquisition and visualization

  • Enabling Intelligent Water Treatment with Advantech’s WebAccess and WISE-PaaS Alliance


    As we enter the era of the IoT, water treatment equipment will require not only automatic monitoring and control capabilities, also cloud functionality to facilitate system development. Advantech offers intelligent water treatment solutions integrated with WebAccess software and diversified hardware as an automatic monitoring and control system.

  • Automation Dashboard for Industrial IoT Applications

    White Papers08/23/2017

    Providing users with cross-platform, cross-browser data access and user interface based on HTML5 technology

  • WebAccess/CNC: Utilizing Machine Tool Networking to Realize the Blueprint of an Intelligent Factory

    Case Study08/02/2017

    Avex-SG has cooperated with Advantech to ensure that CNC machine tools can directly collect relevant information without needing to install additional sensors. Advantech will continue to develop and support major CNC network-type controller manufacturers, helping them easily implement intelligent manufacturing and improve the production efficiency.

  • IBCON Leverages Advantech’s WebAccess Solution to Build a Factory Equipment Monitoring System

    Case Study08/01/2017

    IBCON’s factory equipment monitoring system equipped with Advantech’s WebAccess/SCADA software platform has been adopted by a well-known automobile manufacturer and a leading tire manufacturer. And IBCON has also become a VIP member of Advantech’s WISE-PaaS Alliance in order to collaboratively promote the development of Industry 4.0 in Thailand.

  • Advantech’s WebAccess Platform with WISE Wireless Solution Enables Equipment Networking and Process Visualization

    Case Study06/07/2017

    Advantech provided the panel maker a remote monitoring solution that comprised its multi-functional WISE-4050 modules and WebAccess/SCADA software for accurately collecting data and generating relevant charts and reports for implement production line monitoring quickly and conveniently.

  • 2017 Advantech Industrial IoT Systems and Devices Star Product Guide


    The 2017 Advantech Industrial IoT Systems and Devices Star Product Guide contains information on the hottest Advantech products. This 24 page brochure includes products from SRPs, WebAccess, HMI, industrial computers, industrial communications, IoT sensing devices, data acquisition cards and modules, to vertical-focused devices on MA, and P&E.

  • Advantech’s WebAccess Platform Enables a Smart Building Management System for a Well-Known Exhibition Hall in Taiwan

    Case Study04/27/2017

    From the opening of the exhibition hall, the smart building management system developed by Leegood in cooperation with Advantech's WebAccess has been in use. The excellent benefits provided by the system have also enabled the exhibition hall to successfully achieve a “Diamond” rating – the highest level of Taiwan’s Intelligent Building Label.

  • Enabling IoT & Industry 4.0 with WebAccess and WISE-PaaS Alliance


    Advantech’s WISE-PaaS/IIoT is a market-oriented cooperation model using WebAccess, the IoT software framework as its core, to link solutions, partners’ strengths and strategic co-marketing to get into focused vertical markets. It aims to offer complete IoT solutions for a wide array of markets, also achieving win-win partnerships.

  • Enabling Industry 4.0 with Advantech


    iFactory Solution Ready Platform (SRP) ● Equipment Connectivity Solution - SRP-FEC210: - SRP-FEC220: ● Process Visualization Solution - SRP-FPV220: - SRP-FPV240:

  • 2017 WISE-PaaS Edge Intelligence Platform


    The WISE-PaaS Edge Intelligence Platform contains information on the WISE-PaaS IoT application software, including WebAccess/SCADA, WebAccess/HMI, WebAccess/VCM, WebAccess/IMM, WebAccess/NMS, online IoT cloud services, and IoT security services. All software services are on WISE-PaaS Marketplace, Advantech's online software shopping website.

  • Advantech’s Highly Integrated WebAccess Solution Optimizes Automatic Monitoring and Control Management at a Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Case Study12/19/2016

    Wastewater treatment plant is a basic infrastructure in modern society to purify wastewater created by homes and businesses. Its operation is 24 hours a day and wastewater treatment comprises multiple processes to remove solids, organic compounds and other matters. Such a complex workflow needs a careful management and it is insufficient only being

  • 2016 Advantech Embedded Automation Computer


    In the Industrial 4.0 era, fanless and ruggedized properties are not the only criteria for Industrial Embedded Computers. Advantech’s Industrial Embedded Computers offer flexible and expandable features and our new UNO-2000 series are based on a new modular form factor. Integrated with iDoor expansibility, the new UNO-2000 series is adapted for Embedded Automation applications. UNO-2271G is the world smallest embedded computer being the same size as a standard SSD, and the optimized performance of UNO-2484G is only 7.9” with TPM2.0 for Cyber Security.They both easily integrate with Advantech WebAccess which helps erase the gap between IT and OT.

  • 2016 Advantech Automation Panel


    Advantech’s new range of star products include several new models in the Touch Panel Computer(TPC), Stationary Panel Computer(SPC) and Industrial Monitor(FPM) range of devices, all of which come with true flat style by 16:9 multi-touch displays or 4:3 5W resistive touch, high-performance dual-core processors and IP66 certified front panels making them more elegant and fit for smart factory.

  • 【New Partner】CALIP Joins the Advantech WebAccess+ IoT Solution Alliance


    Advantech, a global leader in the industrial automation market, is glad to announce that CALIP joins the Advantech WebAccess+ IoT Solution Alliance for the collaboration of Industry 4.0 solutions. The Advantech WebAccess+ IoT Solution Alliance is a market-oriented alliance which uses the IIoT software framework, Advantech WebAccess, as its core to

  • Enable Intelligent Maintenance on Cloud-based WebAccess

    White Papers05/10/2016

    The concept of “smart manufacturing” has flourished in recent years. Industry 4.0 will upgrade global industrial capabilities by increasing communication among equipment, devices, and humans via Internet connectivity. A cloud-based IIoT SCADA gateway is a system capable of supporting data storage and performing data communication from data concentrators to data consumers.

  • 【New Partner】Cheng Long Group Co., Ltd. partners with Advantech WebAccess+ IoT Solution Alliance


    Advantech, a worldwide leader in Industrial Intelligent Systems, and Cheng Long Group Co., Ltd., an Energy Service Company (ESCO) focusing on developing and delivering energy management solutions, jointly announced that Cheng Long partners with Advantech WebAccess+ IoT Solution Alliance for further collaboration in energy management systems.

  • 【New Partner】Advantech and VETEC announce partnership on WebAccess+ IoT Solution Alliance


    Advantech, a leading provider of industrial computing solutions and VETEC, a web-based automation & solution provider focusing on factory automation, energy management and smart factory applications in Korean market, announced that the two companies are co-developing IoT solutions for energy management and industrial automation markets throug

  • 【New Partner】FA Products has announced partnership with Advantech WebAccess+ IoT Solution Alliance


    FA Products, a Japan-headquartered system integrator, focusing on factory automation and Industry 4.0 markets, seizes more opportunities and fulfills a diverse range of customer needs in the Industrial IoT era by joining the Advantech WebAccess+ IoT Solution Alliance .

  • Making Manufacturing Smart

    White Papers12/03/2015

    Implementing the Industrial Internet of Things (IIot) makes factories smart and confers a host of operational benefits.

  • Industry 4.0 Trends & Technologies: Connecting the Shop Floor Data To IT Level MES/ERP with Webaccess



    As Global developer and producer of Industrial Computers, I/O and Communication, Advantech’s Mission Statement is “Enabling an Intelligent Planet”. With the adapted focus to offer Application Ready Platforms Advantech is enabling the System Integrators to use optimized combinations of Hardware & Application Software to easily develop IoT & Industry 4.0 applications.

    In this Webinar we will discuss the trends and technologies that are driving IoT and Industry 4.0. We will look in detail to the features and benefits of WebAccess Version 8.1.

  • Pneumatic Energy Saving & Efficiency System

    Case Study11/26/2015

    Industrial forging is a manufacturing process involving the shaping of metal using localized compressive forces. The blows are delivered with a hammer (often a power hammer) or a die. In a hot forge the metal is heated and used to manufacture parts weighing from less than a kilogram to hundreds of metric tons. In an industrial forge air compressors

  • Substation Interface IEC-61850 Gateway Interface Tools

    Case Study11/16/2015

    Smart substations are increasing in their popularity and as more system integrators are winning bids to update outdated substations Advantech is helping to meet their needs with a range of Industrial PCs designed specifically for them. IEC-61850 is the specific standard for smart substations and defines the Ethernet protocol to be used for data com

  • Intelligent Building Automation System and Energy Saving Solution

    Case Study11/16/2015

    One of the most difficult problems facing the world is conserving energy in buildings. However, it is not easy to have a cost-effective solution to reduce energy usage in a building. One solution for saving energy is to implement an intelligent building automation system (BAS) which can be controlled according to its schedule. In Indonesia a large

  • Fire Alarm System and Remote Monitoring System

    Case Study11/05/2015

    Fire alarm systems are very important when it comes to protecting property, personnel and stock in the event of fire. Uncontrolled, fire can obliterate an entire room's contents within a few minutes and completely burn out a building in a couple hours.  If any people are in the building, smoke can overwhelm them quickly enough to kill them. Th

  • Fire Alarm System and Remote Monitoring Sytem in Shoe Factory in Indonesia

    Case Study11/04/2015

    Fire alarm systems are essential in providing an early warning in the event of fire and can help save lives and protect property whilst also fulfilling the needs of insurance companies and government departments. Fire alarm systems typically consist of several inter-linked components, such as smoke detectors, heat detector, carbon monoxide, manual

  • Green Factory IT


    Title: Green Factory IT
    Abstract: Please join Advantech webinar about the Green Factory IT to hear more about the benefits of Green IT in Smart Factories and Facilities. We will also discuss about what are the European Union restrictions and directions for companies in this matter? Does EU will reach 20% energy efficiency target by 2020? How market will have to evolve to meet directives and business needs?

    What will be the evolution of Factory 4.0 and what will be benefits of Internet of Things? Together with Advantech Product Sales Managers we would like to show you how Advantech´s Green IT Industrial PCs and other products can support your factory environment in this amazing process. Save the date and join us!

    Paul.Diepstraten - Product Sales Director Advantech Europe
    Marco Zampolli - Industrial Computing Product Sales Manager Europe
    Grace Yu - Intelligent Systems Product Sales Manager
    Frank Loew - Industrial Connectivity Product Sales Manager Europe 

    Video Link:

  • Smart Water Grid and Pump Station Monitoring

    Case Study10/07/2015

    Under the impetus of Internet of things technology, water supplies will be equipped with an intelligent water network. Water
    pumping stations are the most important node in a water network, the booster pumping station can influence the public
    water, the drainage pumping station can ensure normal drainage during flood season to protect peo

  • Municipal Sewage Treatment Plant Networking System

    Case Study12/10/2009

    The municipal sewage treatment in Tianjin, China is currently one of biggest sewage treatment plants in China. Not only is the layout well designed, but many of the systems and processing techniques are most the advanced in the country, with various techno-economic indicators reaching the highest level in China. This plant has applied state-of-t