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Solution Packages

Pre-configured solution packages featuring cloud, security, and WISE-PaaS IoT services for each domain-focused solution

Bringing Intelligence to Your Equipment Equipment-to-Intelligence SRP

For equipment in the field, it is critical to quickly identify the source of any problem that occurs and take corrective action. How to enable equipment intelligence and detect problems before a device shuts down completely is the key to optimizing productivity and performance. Advantech’s equipment-to-intelligence (E2I) solution series can improve asset utilization, facilitate preventative maintenance planning, and enable a new equipment as a service (EaaS) business model.

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Introducing Advantech's Equipment-to-Intelligence SRP

Introducing Advantech's Edge Intelligence Server

Product Offerings

WebAccess/HMI Runtime Software


  • Intel® Celeron® J1900
  • WES7E/Win 10 Enterprise
  • COM, GbE
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth


  • Intel® Celeron® J1900
  • WES7E/Win 10 Enterprise
  • COM, GbE, iDoor


  • 6th Gen Intel® Core™ U-Series
  • WES7E/Win 10 Enterprise
  • COM, GbE, iDoor
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Focus Vertical Market Application

Equipment Predictive Maintenance

Equipment Predictive Maintenance

  • Sensor/Protocol Management
  • Data Insight & Edge Analytics
  • Real-time Reaction
Smart Factory

Smart Factory

  • Diverse FieldBus Interfaces (OPC; ModBus; CANBus)
  • Operation Efficiency Optimization
RFID Connectivity

Smart Retail

  • RFID Connectivity
  • Interactive Multimedia and Content Management
  • Cloud Database Management