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  • Connecting Edge to the Cloud, Advantech & Wind River


    For future IoT markets, the diversity of applications is driving the need for a new series of intelligent and integrated solutions. By using Advantech’s secure and certified UTX gateway platforms equipped with Wind River Pulsar Linux technologies, this will increase the value of pervasiveness across the rapidly expanding IoT space.

  • Advantech Launches WISE-PaaS/EdgeSense to Enable Edge Intelligence and Sensing Integration


    Advantech today announces the release of WISE-PaaS/EdgeSense, an edge intelligence and sensing integration software solution that incorporates sensor data aggregation, edge analytics, and cloud applications for the rapid and easy acquisition/analysis of real-time data from which operational intelligence can be derived

  • Efficient Arm Mbed Device Management for Smart City

    Case Study07/17/2017

    An Arm-based soft-and-hardware solution combining LoRa long-range and Arm Mbed Cloud Platform Services. With Arm Mbed Cloud Device Management Service, an SI can easily and quickly provision functions including data acquisition, remote monitoring, and device management.

  • Arm Mbed End-to-End Security Protects Data in Smart Manufacturing

    Case Study07/17/2017

    As a smart factory often downloads software from the cloud or makes changes to the firmware from a cloud management platform, a comprehensive Mbed Security Solution is needed to protect the data from leaking, whether during the process of gathering, or transmission, or of storage.

  • Arm Mbed Cloud Remote Software Update for Smart Agriculture

    Case Study07/17/2017

    A large scale Smart Agriculture application requires deployment of numerous sensors over a wide area. Advantech provides Mbed Software Update to reduce costs for deployment, operation and maintenance, as well as longer product service life and better wireless communication coverage.

  • Advantech Announces Integration with Arm® Mbed™ to Enable Scalable IoT Cloud Services


    Advantech, a leader in the global industrial computing market, today launched its Arm® Mbed™ Cloud services integration at the WISE-PaaS Marketplace; Mbed Cloud services provide secure identification, connection, and device management services for IoT deployment.

  • Dedicated Solutions Needed for Info Security on Embedded Systems


    While in early years embedded systems were mainly applied in enclosed and independent operating environments, the interoperability of devices achieved through wireless and wired connections, ensuing from the advent of the IoT (Internet of Things), has triggered a new wave of IoT-related information security problems.

  • WISE-PaaS Marketplace, Your online software store


    The WISE-PaaS Marketplace is an Online software store that features Advantech's exclusive software services, IoT cloud services, security services, WISE-PaaS software services, and pre-packaged solution packages. Know more: WISE-PaaS Marketplace:

  • Moving to Cloud with Azure at WISE-PaaS Marketplace


    Advantech provides Microsoft Azure cloud packages for both its custom service packages at three monthly rates and pre-configured solution packages that can be deployed without configuration to assist customers with connecting their industrial solutions to the cloud. All Advantech cloud solutions are available on the WISE-PaaS Marketplace.

  • Advantech WISE-PaaS Marketplace Cooperates with ARM, Microsoft, McAfee, and Acronis to Enable IoT Edge Intelligence


    Advantech (Taipei:2395) today announced that it is collaborating with ARM, Microsoft, McAfee and Acronis on a new sharing platform–WISE-PaaS Marketplace–to be unveiled at Embedded World 2017. It creates a new business model that enables customers to create diverse IoT software/cloud solutions easily and quickly within a col

  • Advantech Launches WISE-PaaS Marketplace to Enable IoT Edge Intelligence with Collaborative Software Ecosystem


    Advantech launches WISE-PaaS Marketplace, integrated with IoT eco-partners, Microsoft, ARM, Intel Security and Acronis on IoT solutions to accelerate building blocks for customer’s needs to transform business from existing system to cloud fast and easily

  • WISE-PaaS/Security Centralizes IoT Device Security Management


    WISE-PaaS/Security, a centralized IoT security management solution, with tailored security solutions to fulfill every vertical application and scenario. This IoT security solution deploys security policies to protect devices on Azure, as well as providing three main function modules – Application Controls, Change Controls, and Endpo

  • Advantech Adds Microsoft Azure IoT Offerings in Europe, APAC, Japan, Korea and Taiwan with the Cloud Solution Provider Program


    Advantech in extending the benefits of cloud-based IoT, with the announcement that it added Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)-based offerings for delivering solutions for Advantech customers in European countries, APAC, Singapore, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

  • Advantech extended Authorized Embedded Distributor and Azure CSP to Japan


    Advantech, a global leader in embedded computing and Internet of Things (IoT) technology, is pleased to announce that its recognition as a Microsoft Global IoT Valued Partner, Authorized Embedded Distributor and Azure Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) has been extended to include Japan.

  • New WISE-PaaS/RMM 3.1 Launches with Open Standard for IoT Software Platform


    WISE-PaaS/RMM 3.1 is an open standardized IoT software platform for users by applying MQTT, a standard and popular IoT M2M protocol for device and server communication.

  • Expand Your Business Quickly and Easily with Microsoft Azure and Windows 10


    Advantech is collaborating with Microsoft to serve customers with an integrated IoT Solution that works with Windows 10 IoT and Microsoft Azure, combined with Advantech’s technical support to ensure connectivity and device compatibility. The IoT solution is a versatile and comprehensive IoT infrastructure platform providing flexible ap

  • WISE-PaaS Alliance Leads IoT Business Transformation

    Case Study05/24/2016

    Symtek decided to join the WISE-PaaS Alliance launched by Advantech Technology, where partners can get access to hardware and software resources and full technological support needed for developing IoT applications.

  • Advantech Named Microsoft® Global IoT Valued Partner and Extended Authorized Embedded Distributor in The Americas


    Advantech, a global leader in embedded computing and Internet of Things (IoT) technology, is pleased to announce that in May its recognition as a Microsoft Global IoT Valued Partner and Authorized Embedded Distributor has been extended to include The Americas. Previously recognized for the APAC and EMEA regions, this expanded acknowledgment lays a

  • Enabling Smart Retail with IoT Cloud Intelligence

    Case Study04/20/2016

    Cloud-based data analytics to provide insights and intelligence for retailers to reshape and upgrade business models.

  • Establishing Intelligent Interactive Healthcare with Cross-Device IoT Platform

    Case Study04/19/2016

    An IoT-based intelligent healthcare smart system integrates and connects up systems, equipment and devices from different sorts.

  • Building up Industry 4.0 Manufacturing with Seamless IoT Connection

    Case Study04/19/2016

    An iFactory is virtually a combination of new ways of data acquisition, transmission, Human Machine Interface and cloud intelligence.

  • WISE-PaaS Enables IoT Applications and Upgrades in Textile Plant

    Case Study04/14/2016

    WISE-PaaS significantly improved the company’s production line efficiency, helping them to achieve their “Industry 4.0” manufacturing environment and boost competiveness.

  • Transforming Retail Business with Advantech Embedded Software Services

    Case Study04/12/2016

    With IoT and cloud technology, customer information from different sources and different sites can be collected and accumulated into a large database for valuable business intelligence extraction. For example, when a global retail chain deploys an IoT system across its retail sites, it can implement market analyses to determine and predict customer interests in different countries and areas and adjust inventory distribution accordingly. This can help policy makers develop deep overall insights into their business and improve business management and overall strategies.

  • Protecting Intelligent Automation Systems with Advantech Embedded Security Solution

    Case Study04/12/2016

    With the coming of the IOT era, manufacturing has become more and more computerized. Interconnected, 'networked', machines have become the norm, and they provide great convenience and increases in productivity in factories. However, as factory networking increases, there is also an increased security risk from viruses entering through data sharing via the internet or USB memory devices, and consequently an increased need for IT security.

  • Advantech Unveils IoT Gateway Starter Kit


    Advantech, a global leader in the embedded system market, is glad to announce IoT Gateway Starter Kit. This kit will jumpstart your IoT innovation with a reliable platform and open gateway technologies. The whole package includes a ready-to-run system (Intel® Celeron® J1900 platform & Windows 7 Embedded), IoT softw

  • Advantech and IBM Japan announce partnership on offering IoT platforms and solutions


    Advantech, a leading provider of industrial computing solutions and IBM Japan Ltd. ("IBM Japan") announced the two companies are collaborating to offer Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for smart manufacturing and other targeted markets.

  • Cross-system Integration of an Intelligent Factory

    Case Study01/20/2016

    IoT-based Industry 4.0 has become a hot topic in the manufacturing world in the last few years and will probably continue to
    lead industrial trends for the foreseeable future, bringing bounteous new business opportunities for equipment builders and
    system integrators as they help to revamp traditional factories into Industry 4.0 manufac

  • Cloud-based Intelligence for Retail Business

    Case Study01/20/2016

    The more retailers learn about customer behavior, the greater their chances of selling products. Using IoT technology to collect
    customer and commodity data, and analyzing that data to extract useful information that can improve business strategies and
    practices is one of the hottest topics in retail today. By applying Intelligent Video

  • Powerful IoT Connectivity Enables Intelligent Buildings

    Case Study01/18/2016

    IoT technology is elevating traditional buildings from limited automation to real intelligence, increasing our comfort and
    convenience with enriched user experience and giving more consideration to environmental friendliness. A building is typically
    composed of a number of systems, including electrical power, water, lighting, HVAC, door entrance, video surveillance, and
    the like. In the past, these systems might have limited automatic or intelligent functions on their own, without interconnection or
    interaction. Now, with IoT technology, all devices can be connected to the internet for data transmission and processing. The building
    administrators may sit in the central control room, viewing data displayed on the dashboard to oversee the overall situation in the
    building, and control lighting or air conditioning to maximize comfort and efficiency.

  • Advantech and Mitsui Bussan Electronics Conclude WISE-PaaS Alliance Agreement


    Advantech, the world's top market-share holder in the field of industrial computing and Mitsui Bussan Electronics Co., Ltd., also known as MBEL, a large, Japan-based global provider of electronic hardware, software, and logistics services, are  announcing conclusion of their basic “WISE-PaaS Alliance” agreement, which is a program

  • Advantech IoT Devices Certified by Microsoft Azure Cloud Services


    Advantech announced it has joined Microsoft Azure Certified for Internet of Things (IoT), ensuring that customers can get IoT solutions up and running quickly with hardware and software that has been pre-tested and verified.

  • WISE-PaaS Enables IoT Applications and Upgrades in Textile Plant

    Case Study07/30/2015

    WISE-PaaS significantly improved the company’s production line efficiency, helping them to achieve their “Industry 4.0” manufacturing environment and boost competiveness.

  • Advantech Launches Intel® IoT Gateway Development Kit for Quick Gateway Prototyping and Deployment


    June 26, 2015, Taipei – Advantech, a global leader in the embedded system market, is pleased to announce comprehensive IoT Gateway Development Kit bundle with Intel® Gateway Solutions for Internet of Things (IoT). This solution features a pre-integrated software and hardware platform containing a Linux operating system, security and management features.

  • WISE-Cloud Alliance: Customer Testimonial Video


    Three WISE-Cloud Alliance members shared how WISE-Cloud Alliance helped them build their IoT applications which increased their competitiveness and created new business opportunities.